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Huntress Homewares

Wooden Letters & Magnets

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Our popular Wooden Letters, Magnets and Stands are finally available here. Perfect for every occasion. Fully customizable. Affordable giftware. Perfect for that personal gift such as newborn names, Teachers names, weddings, house warming, the list is endless.

We have also available for selection Letter Magnets and symbols available are hashtags, &, hearts and smiley faces to compliment your name or word!

Please contact us for any questions, custom orders or bulk orders.
***See my other products to select appropriate stands! 
* Remember all of our items are handcrafted and handfinished making each piece unique and special so please allow for variations in colours and finishes

Letter and Stand Guide

20cm - Fits comfortably 3 Letters

30cm - Fits comfortably 5 Letters

40cm - Fits comfortably  6 Letters, may fit 7 hanging slightly over

50cm - Fits comfortably 8 Letters

60cm - Fits comfortably 9 Letters

70cm - Fits comfortably 11 Letters